Monday, June 23, 2008


I just dropped Samuel off for his first week of camp. It's right down the road at the Baptist church. He'll be gone from 9-1 all week. And, boy the kid is excited. He woke me up this morning and had packed his lunch all by himself. He was singing, "I'm going to caaaamp! I'm going to caaamp!"

I didn't really tell him much about this camp. Mostly because it probably will be alot like school. They'll be doing quite a bit of sitting and making crafts. I didn't want him to be disappointed. I did think it was a little strange that he wanted to take his flashlight and his sleeping bag this morning. But he always asks strange things so I didn't give it a second thought.

So, I walk him into his room this morning. There were a few kids sitting at the table coloring. I looked at Samuel and he politely asked the teacher,
"So where's the camp?"
"This is the camp."
"Why is it inside?"
"Well, we will go outside for a little bit."
"But, we are camping, right?"
"Ah, no."
"Will we be hunting?"
"Ah, no."
"Will we make a fire?"

So my boy was a little confused about what this camp was all about. It's my fault for not explaining that it was an art camp. I wonder if he'll want to go tomorrow? And when can he start Boy Scouts? Now that's an area where my kid can really thrive!