Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebration's over!

Sophia's birthday weekend is over. She is now lying on the couch, with a fever. Poor kid. When we tried a few minutes ago to give her Tylenol, she spit it all back up. Hopefully she'll fight off whatever it is.

We had a good weekend with my parents. It was good to see them and they got to spend quality time with the little ones. Samuel did relatively well with the birthday festivities. He seemed genuinely happy for his sister. On the morning of her birthday, he ran into her crib and I heard this:
"Hey girl! Happy Birthday. Look how big you are! You're growing up!"

She is growing up and we are going to tackle potty training this week. So stay tuned. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Here is one of her a year ago on her birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Birthday Girl! We thought of you lots this week - turning the 'terrific twos'! Won't be long before we get to see you back home! Yeah!
Aunt Julie