Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm doing it again!

The Ebaying has begun. Yes, I decided to do it again. But this time, I'm giving myself a few more weeks to get ready. And, I'm doing both the kid's clothes. So, it should be interesting. I ignored the kids for two hours this morning so I could take pictures of the clothes upstairs. I guess I didn't entirely ignore them but I only talked to them, if I heard Sophia screaming. They did pretty well and I took 500+ pictures. I will only have around 45 auctions but I tend to get a little picture happy and take way too many pictures.

I came downstairs after finishing. Sophia had no diaper on. She was crunching on something. I looked to see what it was. Coffee beans. Nice. And then her brother came up to me and said,

"Well, Sophia took her diaper off."

"I saw that."

"She peed and pooped in the backyard and then Maia ate the poop and Sophia thought it was very funny."

OK, maybe I should of paid a little more attention to them.

We are going to see fireworks tonight. I told Samuel he had to take a nap if he wanted to go. And guess what? All is quiet!

I know you want to see some of the amazingly boring pictures I took this morning. Here you go!