Saturday, July 5, 2008

A unique worldview

I never feel very American on July 4th. But I like celebrations and I didn't want to deny my kids a little fun. Samuel understood that it was "America's Birthday." As a lover of birthdays, he wanted to make a cake. So, what better cake than a flag?

As I was making it, I was a little taken back. Me, making a very patriotic cake? My very unamerican husband was also a little surprised by my cake. But that didn't stop him from eating four pieces.....

I think that both George and I are in a position to really be able to give our kid's a unique view of the world. We both grew up overseas. George is half Syrian and half Bulgarian, lived in Africa and went to English boarding schools. He became an American citizen as a young adult.

I spent seventeen years in Spain, born of American parents. I grew up feeling neither Spanish or American. A stranger in both lands.

So, now we have American children, born in the U.S. How do we bring them up? Do I want them to hate the country they live in? Definitely not. I want them to see this country for what it is, good and bad. We will never be rah, rah Americans. I will always have a problem singing or hearing, "I'm proud to be an American." But I don't want my kids growing up stunted because they view this country so negatively. Is it possible to love this country but still see the world openly? I guess we'll see.