Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tony seemed a little better today. I took Samuel out of school for a few hours so we could visit. He recognized both kids and thanked me for bringing them. Samuel is a little scared of his grandpa. This is not the man he knew.

Tonight, when I went back to visit, they had put him on an ongoing morphine drip. He is not as agitated as he was last night. He didn't complain of pain.

How much longer can he hang on? It really is torture to see this man, who just a few months ago was strong, dynamic and full of life. Now he is a shell of that man. He is wasting away. Our wish is for God to take him soon. Tony has lived a life full of fears and regrets. So, he is dying the same way. There is no peace in his death. I hope this comes.

Thanks for the prayers.